Sunday, May 24, 2009


This blog will feature photos and stories about the stonework (bridges, retaining walls, walkways, shelters, buildings) created by the Civilian Conservation Corps. For the past 40-50 years I've encountered these beautiful works of art everywhere from the Appalachians to the West Coast, and it seems appropriate to collect photos of them in one place.

The blog will not cover the CCC in general - just the stonework. I've read several books about the CCC and will incorporate some basic background, but I intend to keep the focus on the stonework. I'll be photographing sites in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Midwest, and will search the 'net for photos from around the country.

I would eventually like this to become a sort of "open source" blog where others can post their photos. That might be complicated, but for the present, if anyone has photos posted (at Flickr or elsewhere), just append a comment onto this post (or others) with the url for the pix and a description of the location, and I'll try to incorporate the information into a post.